• Overseas advance support

Overseas advance support

We pass more than 30 years and contribute to the quality improvement of the eating habits of the people of each country through the export to each Southeastern Asian country and continue supporting the infrastructure of the rich eating habits. I establish Hong Kong foreign countries corporation in 1997 and maintain it to be able to use the help of the foreign countries advance of the visitor and Fukushima product in peace abroad now at the base of each Southeastern Asian country.

Flow until the opening of business

The plan starts since a visitor thought about the overseas advance of a restaurant, the supermarket. Every factor including “person” “thing” “location requirements” affects it in both the small store and the large store and is opened. From the choice of the business condition what kind of shop want to make to opening of a store, I support it for total.

Phase1 Basic design (plan)
  • Rearranging and confirmation
  • market potential examination
  • business condition development of the company establishment
  • precondition
Phase2 Basic plan (plan)
  • Basic concept drafting
  • income and expenditure plan
  • opening schedule drafting
  • section layout plan
  • Kitchen, layout plan
  • plane, design concept drafting
Phase3 Design duties (enforcement)
  • The enforcement
  • design supervision of the guidance
  • enforcement design
  • estimate briefing session of a lot of basic design
  • application
  • Suggestion of the reduction in cost

Display duties
  • Product development such as the equipment sale
  • Sale of the lighting equipment
  • original furniture about the store decoration plan
  • store and sale

Trade duties
  • Import and export of import and export of food
  • facilities apparatuses

Opening coordination duties
  • Open schedule making
  • business condition name, store excellent suggestion
  • sales promotion plan
  • tableware, glasses Suggestion