RO Water Generation Devices

Today’s indispensable product for safer, puere RO water!
Removes impurities and provides the best water for drinking and cooking.

<RO System>Series

Attract more customers and improve your image!
Make your ingredients come alive, make your rice plump and fluffy!

People are becoming more concerned year by year with getting “safe water that’s easy on the body”. Against this background, “RO water” is gathering more and more attention.

Our product uses leading edge technology “reverse-osmosis filtration system (RO System)” water purification. It removes the maximum possible amount of harmful impurities (bacteria, dioxin, trihalomethane, organic mercury etc.) to generate safer water.

RO water provides peace of mind when used in baby milk and baby food and does not destroy vitamins when used to wash vegetables and fruit because the chlorine has been removed. Because taste spoiling constituents have been reduced to the maximum extent, it is also just right for use in preparing rice and other foods. It preserves the original taste of the ingredients and brings out the flavor of stock etc. well, so that seasoning can be used sparingly and of course vitamins and nutrients also remain, making the food healthier too.

All possible measures have been taken with respect to hygiene. A tankless structure is employed so that the generated water is supplied immediately and no troublesome cleaning of the tank is necessary.

The vending machine type has a pocket for UV lamp sterilization of the inside of the cap section (a section where bacteria could otherwise easily collect). The supply nozzle tip is also fitted with UV lamp sterilization and the inside of the nozzle includes a cleaning function for extra hygiene. A door lock is provided for additional safety, preventing tampering.

The surface finish has been changed to give a high class look using BA (brilliant annealing), (the table, and front side are stainless steel). The water supply section has a rounded door for a high class feel and the handle and hinge styles have been altered.

The control panel uses an LCD display and a panel giving operating instructions is included making for easy to understand operation and easy maintenance. The touch keys have been changed to the flat, easy to clean sheet type. Guides to various maintenance operations are displayed on an LCD screen with operations performable by touch key.

What is RO System [Reverse-Osmosis Filtration System]…?

We have multilayer, low level multilayer, flat and island types for use with ultra fresh products, fresh meat and fish products, vegetables and fruits, processed dairy, daily and delicatessen products, chilled food products, frozen food products and ice cream. Each style includes a choice between separate and integrated freezers.