1951 Company founder Nobuo Fukushima starts Fukushima Industries Corporation in Asahi-ku, Osaka.
1956 Head office and main production factory move to Mitejima, Nishi Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.
1962 Company develops and begins mass production of the ER Series, the industry’s first commercial standard refrigerators.
1964 Responding to the increase of volume sales outlets, the company standardizes and starts production of open showcase freezer refrigerators.
1974 Head office is built in Mitejima 3-chome, Nishi Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.
1979 Company develops and starts sale of the energy saving open showcase SE Series.
1984 The Okayama Factory is established in Shoo-cho, Katsuta-gun and starts production. Development and sale of the enhanced function open showcase SX Series.
1987 Company fully remodels its commercial Freezer Refrigerators with the development and sale of the ERX Series with its fully automatic heater def.
1988 Company enters the field of defrosting, jointly developing with Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd. the “clean defroster”, a high humidity air defroster.
1989 Company enters the field of bakery with the development of a bakery machine.
1994 OTC trading status is acquired on JASDAQ and IPO is made.
1995 Listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange (Part 2). The Shiga Factory is established at its present site in Minakuchi-cho, Kouka-city, Shiga-ken and starts production.
1996 Commercial Fridge Freezers are fully remodeled with the development and sale of the new microprocessor controlled EXD Series.
1997 Company provides 100% funding for the establishment of subsidiary “Fukusima International (H.K.) Co., Limited” in Hong Kong. Development and sale of the new NEXTER Series showcase freezer refrigerators.
1998 Development and sale of new HACCP compatible “Blast Chiller / Shock Freezer” cooking system.
1999 Development of “Low Temperature Incubator” and “Pharmaceutical Showcase Refrigerator” medical equipment mark entry into the physics and chemistry and medical equipment fields.
2000 Shiga Factory receives ISO14001 certification.
2001 Introduction of “Fukushima S Net 24” provides a 24 hour maintenance service via remote management and control.
2002 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Part 2).
Okayama Factory receives ISO9001 certification.
Reverse-osmosis filtration system RO water vending machine is developed.
2004 Shiga Factory receives ISO9001 certification.
Consolidated subsidiary Fukusima International (Singapore) Pte.,Ltd is founded.
Consolidated subsidiary Taiwan Fukusima International Co., Ltd is founded.
2005 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Part 1) and Osaka Securities Exchange (Part 1).
2006 Consolidated subsidiary “Beijing Fulianjing Refrigeration and Machinery Electric Co., Ltd.” changes its trading name to “Beijing ER Shang-Fukushima Machinery Electric Co.,Ltd” and moves to a new factory.
Second Okayama factory is established and starts operation on land adjoining the existing Okayama factory.
Full remodeling of our commercial fridge freezers with the development and sale of the URD Series with its improved energy saving.
2007 Company develops and starts sale of the inverter refrigerators IR Series.
Company develops and starts sale of the Axia-Eco system.
2008 Company develops and starts sale of the inverter refrigerators with carbon offset for the first time in the industry’s world.
Consolidated subsidiary Fukusima International (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd is founded.
2009 Company acuqired all the stocks of Takahashi Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Company develops and starts sale of the new IM Series inverter showcase freezer refrigerators.
2010 Company develops and starts sale of the new “Send-you” series showcase.
2011 Company develops and starts sale of the new Y Series Under table refrigerator.
2012 Consolidated subsidiary Fukushima International Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. is founded.
2013 Consolidated subsidiary FSP Corporation is founded.
Company made Shoken Corporation a consolidated subsidiary.
Consolidated subsidiary Fukushima International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is founded.
Consolidated subsidiary Fukusima International Vietnam Co.,Ltd. is founded.
2014 Consolidated subsidiary Fukushima Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is founded.
2015 Fukushima Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd. started manufacturing freezer for commercial use in Thailand (Rayong area).
2016 Consolidated subsidiary Fukushima International (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd is founded.
2017 Consolidated subsidiary Fukushima Kogyo Myanmar Co.,Ltd is founded.
Consolidated subsidiary PT. Fukushima International Indonesia is founded.
2018 Consolidated subsidiary Fukushima International Philippine Corporation is founded.
2019 Our company name will change from FUKUSHIMA INDUSTRIES CORP to Fukushima GALILEI CO.LTD.
Relocated the head office and Kansai service center.
フクシマガリレイ株式会社 外観
2020 Develops and starts sale of the new “CLAIR Send-you” series showcase.
CLAIR Send-youシリーズ 冷凍機別置型冷凍冷蔵ショーケースをフルモデルチェンジ
Develops and starts sale of the new “The GALILEI ” series refrigerator and freezer.