FE Clean Water

Electrolytic Dilute Sodium Hypochlorite
Generating System

Features of FE Clean Water

The FE Clean Water is a mildly alkaline aqueous solution that consistes mainly of sodium hypochlorite evolved electrolytically from saline solution. It can be employed to sterilize foodstuff and kitchen utensils.

Highly effective sterilizing effect

Highly effective sterilizing effectVegetables,meat and fish can be effectively sterilized,and bacteria stuck on kitchen utentils and processing equipment may also be cleaned up.

Things dirty and smelly are also washed out.

Things dirty and smelly are also washed out.Anything dirty and bacterial, which smells badly, is removed. Odor can thus be eliminated. Just connect a hose, and you can clean up grounds, water drains in an efficient way.

Foodstuff is not damaged.

Foodstuff is not damaged.The pH level is nearly neutral (mildly alkaline) ,which means that foodstuff is little affected and rinsed easily

Gentle to humans and environment

Gentle to humans and environmentAt the low concentration, the pH level is almost neutral. Your hands are well cared. The sterile bases are water and common salt, which are eco-friendly.

Easy installation type

Plumbing unnecessary

As it is only attached to a water tap, it can be easily installed by customers.


Normally tap water can be used and switched to electrolyzed water.
So it is a product that is easy to introduce to existing equipment.

Chloride concentration Max. feed capacity
40ppm 8.0ℓ/分
80ppm 6.0ℓ/分
100ppm 5.0ℓ/分
200ppm 2.5ℓ/分
Chloride concentration Max. feed capacity
40ppm 8.0ℓ/分
80ppm 3.4ℓ/分
100ppm 2.4ℓ/分
200ppm 1.2ℓ/分

The example of installation

Under counter type

Because it is compact size, it can be put anywhere


Maximum generating capacity: 12.5 liters/min

Max. feed
Max. feed
rate per hour
40ppm 12.5ℓ/分 750ℓ
80ppm 6.3ℓ/分 378ℓ
100ppm 5.0ℓ/分 300ℓ
200ppm 2.5ℓ/分 150ℓ

Multiple faucets readily connectable