Commercial Freezers and Chiller

Leap forward in both energy saving and quiet operation!
Further increase in storage capacity.

Innovative designs

The straight and sharp lines fit in well with any set-up locations. Well-balanced universality and precision levels are found here and there. The machine compartment panels and handgrips are also designed, with attention to detail, for fineness and user-friendliness.

Machine compartment panels

The panels are less curved and well configured to be free of dust deposits. They are easy to keep clean.

Brand-new handgrips

The handgrips are redesigned for better handling.
The handgrip bases are now free of plastic parts. The entire handgrips are streamlined and much better for cleaning up.

More innovative energy-saving technology

Annual power consumption comparison

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*1: Annual power consumption was measured as per the JIS B8630 measuring procedure. ● Measuring method: Ambient temperature 30°C, ambient humidity 70%, refrigeration below 4°C, freezing below -20°C, door open/close intervals for 10 seconds every 5 minutes (72 openings/closings per day) of the chiller and for 10 seconds every 15 minutes (24 openings/closings per day) of the freezer, power consumption per day x 365 days.
● Actual power consumption may depend on the installation, temperature setting of each compartment, ambient temperature and humidity, door open/close intervals, amount and temperature of newly stocked foodstuff, and usage pattern.

Innovative go-greenness

Shift to refrigerants with less climate change factors

The R404A (GWP3920) refrigerant has been replaced substantially by the R134a (GWP1430) one.

Cutting back on plastic component parts

The door handgrip bases have been redesigned to drastically discontinue their plastic parts.

Non-chlorofluocarbonic insulators in use

Unlike conventional series, all the models come with non-chlorofluocarbonic insulation. The Galilei series too features this technique.

Innovative freshness control

Standard equipped with communication circuit boards on all models*

The introduction of temperature control system is supported.

*As of February 2020, some models are not compatible with this feature.
*To use the system, additions are needed: central controller and its coupling parts as well as their hook-up works.

HACCP master V3
HACCP Exaround