Blast Chiller / Shock Freezer

Fast cooling/freezing of heated food products.
Avoids food product deterioration, seals in the good taste.


Better tasting

Sealing in flavor Keeping tastes and flavors with original aromas.


Shortening delivery time

Shortening the time neededto remove heat,cool and freeze foods Improving work efficiency



Greatly reducing cooling and cooking space


Improved safety

Nimble transitions through temperature zones in which bacteria readily proliferates Thorough T-T (temperature and time)management

Control panel easy to read and preset

Before stocking foodstuff in a cool place, the inside can be cooled down for immediate use.

With air as cold as -40℃, contents stocked inside can be frozen in an instant.

Put in foodstuff that has just been heated, and it can be first cooled down and then rapidly frozen.

* The pre-cooling function is available on Types 6 and 12 only.